The Jew Not Painted (Polish title »Żyd Niemalowany«)

is a community heritage project, aiming to spread knowledge of the shared Polish-Jewish heritage, to foster a positive Jewish identity and to raise pride in the Jewish heritage in Poland, and to promote diversity in the Jewish community and in Polish society by presenting Poland’s prewar multicultural landscape. The project’s various components include a series of exhibitions, publications and lectures based on a collection of approximately 2,000 original Jewish-themed prints (wood and copperplate engravings, lithographs, steel etchings etc.) dating between the 15th-20th centuries. The project was initiated in 2006 by Paweł Szapiro and Magda Koralewska, both experienced social innovators and Jewish community leaders, actively involved in revitalizing Jewish life in Poland. Under their leadership the project is realized by the Żyd Niemalowany Foundation.